“My boys enjoyed every minute of the sessions

Rosie ,Tyler,Tico & Ice

“Well what can I say .. Brilliant!
I was a bit sceptical about dog trainers etc as there are so many out there ! They all have their own unique methods that don’t suit every dog and are often ineffective.
However Duncan has spent many years working in the rescue sector giving him priceless experience. This gives him the ability that others just don’t have !
I have 3 German shepherds and I am disabled.So the fact that they are very strong and I had little control meant I could only walk them with my husband.
We had my first 1-2-1 with Duncan and it was honesty amazing how minutes into the session he knew why I was having the issues I was and things were being tried and put in place instantly!
He is a very friendly guy who puts you at ease.. there is no Judgment from him and my boys enjoyed every minute of the sessions too.
I proudly walk my boys now where and when I like .. and it feels great 😊 A*****”